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Beautiful Pizza – SO quick and easy!

I need to slow down and think about this, because I’ve just made a lunchtime snack that you’d probably pay Pizza Express a tenner for.  And I reckon the ingredients cost me 43p…  yes, and I reckon I could be … Continue reading

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Cranberry and Sunflower Sourdough

I’m pleased with how this one turned out, given the randomness with which I concocted the contents… Really, I looked in the cupboard and thought, “I ought to use those sunflower seeds, and oh there’s a little packet of cranberries … Continue reading

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Baking at the River Cottage

Sure was a glorious day to be down at the River Cottage, that place off the telly run by Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall. The place is located on the Dorset/Devon borders in this pretty valley, and after leaving your car at the … Continue reading

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Sourdough wholemeal with rye starter

Loafing around Does this angle work for you? How about a more ‘revealing’ shot? This one turned out rather nicely, I’m pleased with the crust, appearance and crumb, so be interesting to see how it fairs over the next couple … Continue reading

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Bethesdabakers online!

One of the main guys from the bread website I ‘frequent’ for advice, ideas, inspiration etc, has put together his own site (at last!) to publicise his wonderful work. Bethesda Bakers has been going for a while, without the site … Continue reading

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That wholemeal sourdough

So this is what the wholemeal sourdough should look like… Made this today, using the recipe below.

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Wholemeal Sourdough

This is the recipe for a lovely staple sourdough tin (or free-form) loaf that I find myself making rather a lot at the moment.Basically I guess its because its easy, and tasty. Its just really nice bread, plain and simple! … Continue reading

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