Mmmm, this is a traditional round loaf from the famous Boudin Bakery in San Francisco, which I picked up yesterday after enjoying a delicious lunch there.  They have a serious set-up going on down there on the Wharf, with what looked to be about 6 bakers cracking through various tasks.  Quite a lot of automation of the process, but still a guy checking each baton before it goes in the sheet to do its final proof.

The smell in the place is wonderful, rich and full of that distinctive sourdough tang and obviously there’s bread just everywhere!  The above round loaf is sourdough, I cracked into it today and the crust is lovely – crackling when you bite into it, quite dark golden in colour, before you reach the melty white inside crumb.  Oddly, perhaps, the crumb isn’t classically holey and defined, instead being soft and light without losing body or feeling ‘pappy’.

Buying just one loaf though, pretty restrained dontcha think?!

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