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Quark stollen a la Mick

Not having made a natural yeast stollen before, I approached Mick‘s recipe with a small degree of fear… somehow you just lose faith in natural yeast a bit, when there’s all sorts of fruit, butter and booze in the dough … Continue reading

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Maple syrup walnut wholemeal

A new twist on a favourite of mine, the honey wholemeal, for your perusal, dear friends. This is maple syrup and walnut wholemeal!  No honey, but amber maple syrup instead, and a healthy infusion of walnut bits with the flour … Continue reading

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Dat Backhus stollen…an amateur’s view

Well, that was a bit disappointing. Since work were holding a ‘coffee and cake’ afternoon gathering, a general call had gone out some while back for folks to bring along the cake part.  Usual cheapskate scenario, where you all have … Continue reading

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Franzosisches Landbrot

Interestingly, this is a French country loaf from the Hamburg bakery “Dat Backhus”.  I’m going to assume that the huge hole is deliberate, cos otherwise its exhibiting a shockingly poor state of affairs!  🙂 At least its a sourdough blend, … Continue reading

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Christmas baking

If you’ve half a heart for rich fruit bakery products, chances are you’ll appreciate a good Stollen.  I know I do.  Made a couple last year and been thinking about what to have a go at over the coming lull … Continue reading

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