Bethesdabakin at Mairs Bakehouse 2014 – a taster

Posting a quick blog entry at work means it can only be brief, therefore you’ll need to wait a bit longer for me to have the time to do justice to what was a great weekend baking in a great oven, with great people.

Still, mustn’t grumble, even managed to keep a bit of what I baked from getting eaten over the weekend and actually bring some of it home. Below is a selection from the range of items baked, left to right: Miches (stacked), Guinness Vollkornbrot (the little rectangular loaves), Seeded Spelt sourdough (sat underneath the baguette), baguette a l’ancienne and finally Wheat Beer and Onion bread (the 3 remaining round loaves)

ProduceThe chocolate swirls with butterscotch sauce aren’t shown in this picture, simply because they didn’t make it home, funnily enough.


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