Grilled Cheese Sandwich – its not hard, people

This is going to sound arrogant.

Sorry, but I was somewhat surprised when I read the following article in the Grauniad –

Ah, right, so yes the grilled cheese sandwich (or Croque Monsiuer, as the French have known about for – I guess – centuries!) is superior to some kind of nasty toastie made in a Breville. Mmm, there’s a shock.

Second, “really?! Cheap nasty white stodgy bread isn’t much cop for grilled sandwiches!?” Blimey, I think I need a few moments, to let my heart return to its usual rhythm. I’ve found some time ago that using the white n rye sourdough bread I make at home sometimes is the perfect bread in which to encase some strong cheddar, while the whole thing slowly fries in a heavy-bottomed pan.

I’ll try not to use the word “obviously” too much, but please use proper butter, not marge, on the outside of the sandwich, and try to avoid constructing the sandwich with grated cheese, or cheese hanging outside the bread slices, because it’ll escape into the pan when cooking, and quickly burn, turning black and spoiling your sandwich.

Viva la revolucion!

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