Guinness… for strength

Anyone old enough will probably recall some of Guinness’ old advertising slogans, laughably suggesting increased physical strength would naturally follow if you just drank Guinness! I mean, its a nice idea, and lots of us swallowed it (and the Guinness), but a bit of a stretch if you think about it.

Still, works as the liquid in making sourdough bread. The following were made using a combination of Guinness levain, flour fermented in Guinness and strong white added at final mixing stage, then the whole lot slowly proved overnight in the fridge, before baking this morning in my trusty baking dome.

They looked a little ‘reluctant’ as I poured them out of their proving basket, a little unlikely to rise nicely on hitting the heat, but once again sourdough fermentation had worked its magic and the texture is wonderfully aerated and scrumptious!

Guinness sourdough

Guinness sourdough

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  1. John Brines says:

    They do look great, that is one thing I have never got round to making, Sourdough, I must find the time.

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