Old Timer

Here’s something I haven’t done before – I’ve named it Old Timer and its basically bread made using deliberately aged sourdough starter.

Old Timer

Old Timer

60% of the overall loaf is made using a stiff starter, which was kept in the fridge for 5 days to help develop the tanginess of the sourdough flavour. That leaven was built with a hydration of approx 50%, meaning it was particularly stiff and therefore unable to expand much or ‘bubble’ as a starter with higher hydration typically would. Taking it out of the fridge I added fresh water to rehydrate it, before then adding the final flour and necessary salt.

First prove only took about 2 hours, with only about 2 more hours final prove once shaped, before baking in my trusty cloche at the usual 240C for 30 minutes covered and 10 more minutes uncovered.

And the taste? Well, its got a pronounced sourdough tang to it, though not excessive by any means, to me it seems to be just a bit stronger than an overnight proved sourdough loaf. So its a bit of a winner I reckon!

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