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Cinnamon Chocolate Swirls Recipe

In the interest of sharing, not least since I didn’t dream up the recipe, it was provided to me, I thought it a good idea to post the recipe for those cinnamon chocolate swirls (or snails, as the original Danish … Continue reading

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Wheat Beer, Onion and Garlic (!) Bread

an old favourite, revived and boosted with the power of the garlic clove. Natural yeast starter, fermenting sauteed onion and garlic in wheat beer overnight, before building a final dough that gently grows across about 8 hours before baking in … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cinnamon Swirls

Danish chocolate cinnamon swirls – courtesy of a friend of a friend who found the recipe for me following a trip to Copenhagen where I came across some wonderful cakes at Lakhagehuset bakery. Kudos to Nina and Mick for their … Continue reading

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Schwarzwald Kirschtorte – Black Forest Gateau

Greetings peeps, here’s something I made a little while ago on a baking weekend over in Wales at a small gathering of fellow bread-heads. A departure from the norm, I would agree, but something fun nevertheless which turned out to … Continue reading

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Old Timer

Here’s something I haven’t done before – I’ve named it Old Timer and its basically bread made using deliberately aged sourdough starter. 60% of the overall loaf is made using a stiff starter, which was kept in the fridge for … Continue reading

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Guinness… for strength

Anyone old enough will probably recall some of Guinness’ old advertising slogans, laughably suggesting increased physical strength would naturally follow if you just drank Guinness! I mean, its a nice idea, and lots of us swallowed it (and the Guinness), … Continue reading

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Using a cloche

For Xmas this year I was lucky enough to be given a baking cloche (a what? one of these: baking dome ) Been meaning to acquire one for a while, and after a couple of bakes now I can say … Continue reading

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Mincemeat Bakewell Tart

With baking (same goes for cooking) it is important to keep learning. Which inevitably means making mistakes – as in this case, where I thought a festive version of the classic Bakewell Tart might work pretty well, substituting the usual … Continue reading

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80% hydration Miche!

Isn’t she a thing of beauty? A full 2kg miche, made from strong wholemeal, dark rye and strong white flour, nursed upwards using just my natural leaven. 80% hydration, for a more open crumb. 240C oven (for the first 20 … Continue reading

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich – its not hard, people

This is going to sound arrogant. Sorry, but I was somewhat surprised when I read the following article in the Grauniad – Ah, right, so yes the grilled cheese sandwich (or Croque Monsiuer, as the French have known about … Continue reading

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