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Focaccia Pizza

Funny how sometimes it’s your own laziness which can lead you in an interesting direction. I knocked up some ‘biga’ last night in preparation for making individual pizzas today, for tonight’s evening meal. When it came to mixing the final … Continue reading

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Whitstock Baking

Bakery back in business! This is my output for today, in time for Whitstock next week. “What is that?” I hear you ask. Some old friends living in Somerset are having a serious house party next weekend, and when I … Continue reading

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Craft baker in Portland Oregon

An Artisan Baker from Mark Magee/Watermark Studio on Vimeo. Interesting viewpoint from the baker and personally interesting to see how dark the crusts are on his loaves!  Hard to imagine many people taking to something looking like that, isn’t it?

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Bethesdabakin at Mairs Bakehouse 2014 – a taster

Posting a quick blog entry at work means it can only be brief, therefore you’ll need to wait a bit longer for me to have the time to do justice to what was a great weekend baking in a great … Continue reading

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Bethesda Bakin at Mairs – 2014

Not long now, til the annual baking event known as ‘Bethesda Bakin’!  An eclectic, charming group of people, mostly scatty about bread and baking, getting together to create baked delicacies, this year at the wonderful Rick and Maggie’s in West … Continue reading

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Chocolate Swirls with Rum Butterscotch

Here’s something I have been meaning to make for a short while – sourdough chocolate swirls with raisins and rum butterscotch sauce. Don’t be led astray by the word ‘sourdough’, these are sweet, rich, chocolatey and gorgeous – if I … Continue reading

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Guess what this means..?

Huzzah!  Managed to ‘smuggle’ (legitimately, mind) some dark wheat beer back into the country, simply by packing into my bag and checking it (rather than carrying onboard as I usually would).  I got it to have another go at my … Continue reading

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More Effenberger

Grabbing a quick few samples of wholegrain spelt goodness from the Effenberger Bakery All-Spelt bakery under the railway arches at Dammtor in Hamburg, I snapped a couple of shots of what the punter sees when they pop in. Great seeing … Continue reading

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Effenberger Organic Spelt

I popped into the Vollkorn Baeckerei of Thomas Effenberger tonight, in Hamburg (as you do) to see what they had on offer, being a nosey sort I guess. And found some choice produce which I have to say seems pretty … Continue reading

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North Wales Bread-Weekender

The weekend just gone saw myself and herself meeting up with some old (and some new) friends and fellow breadheads, at a lovely B&B in the fair town of Caernarfon – actually I’ll gladly stand corrected if referring to it … Continue reading

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