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Wheat Beer, Onion and Garlic (!) Bread

an old favourite, revived and boosted with the power of the garlic clove. Natural yeast starter, fermenting sauteed onion and garlic in wheat beer overnight, before building a final dough that gently grows across about 8 hours before baking in … Continue reading

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Bethesdabakin at Mairs Bakehouse 2014 – a taster

Posting a quick blog entry at work means it can only be brief, therefore you’ll need to wait a bit longer for me to have the time to do justice to what was a great weekend baking in a great … Continue reading

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Guess what this means..?

Huzzah!  Managed to ‘smuggle’ (legitimately, mind) some dark wheat beer back into the country, simply by packing into my bag and checking it (rather than carrying onboard as I usually would).  I got it to have another go at my … Continue reading

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Keepin’ yer hand in

Of late, i.e. over Christmas, I’ve not been baking that much, for reasons mostly related to laziness I suppose  🙂 Reviving my starter this past week though, and producing a plain white sourdough and a beer and onion sourdough, has … Continue reading

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Sourdough Wheat Beer and Onion Bread

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… sorry, wrong movie. Anyway, I made a wheat beer and onion bread using baker’s yeast some time back and was pretty pleased with it. If I’m honest, it had its … Continue reading

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Wheat-beer and Onion Bread – take 2

This rather devilishly good-looking loaf is a modified version of an earlier loaf I baked, using wheat-beer (Weissbier, to you familiar with German beers) and sauteed onion. On the face of it, you might not think those things are going … Continue reading

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Weissbier Zwiebel Brot

For those comfortable with German, the above title will no doubt make complete sense – for non-German speakers, the title is basically ‘Wheat Beer Onion bread’. This loaf has an interesting aroma and flavour, plus a soft, ‘gummy’ crumb due … Continue reading

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