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Rye Starter Wholemeal and White Sourdough

Having not made this loaf for simply ages, I felt drawn to revisit the recipe and knock up something for us to munch through, if nothing else to see if the recipe still works alright and cos I felt like … Continue reading

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Hamelman 66% Rye Sourdough

As they say on Blue Peter, “here’s one I made earlier…” In this case, one is actually two, and earlier was actually on the weekend, but the sentiment is still there 😉 Hats off to Hamelman, this is a lovely … Continue reading

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12 Steps of Baking

Based on some recently received feedback (Derek!), here is a link to a list of the 12 fundamental steps of baking, with a brief explanation of what they are and what they’re for: I would emphasise that it is worth … Continue reading

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Bulk Bake – one dough

Sourdough Rolls, Baguettes and Loaves Having built up the starter over the weekend, I mixed a load of dough up on Sunday night, giving it a couple of turns before putting the whole lot “out into the cold” (literally! No … Continue reading

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The rise (groan) of real bread

Item broadcast well over a year ago on Radio 4 about the increase in popularity of the production and consumption of ‘real’ bread, as opposed to the artificial Chorleywood stuff most people understand to be bread, that we all know … Continue reading

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Baking for Donkeys ( huh?)

Not so bizarre in fact, providing I explain the all-important bit about there being a Gala fund-raising day down at Lockwood Donkey Centre this coming Sunday (28th August), for which I’m baking my biggest batch yet, all proceeds going to … Continue reading

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Wheat-beer and Onion Bread – take 2

This rather devilishly good-looking loaf is a modified version of an earlier loaf I baked, using wheat-beer (Weissbier, to you familiar with German beers) and sauteed onion. On the face of it, you might not think those things are going … Continue reading

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Chorleywood in the news

BBC’s website is carrying an article about the 50-year anniversary of (the death of decent bread) the invention of the Chorleywood process for making uniform bread – In terms of the pro and con, I’m sure you can guess … Continue reading

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Bethesdabakers online!

One of the main guys from the bread website I ‘frequent’ for advice, ideas, inspiration etc, has put together his own site (at last!) to publicise his wonderful work. Bethesda Bakers has been going for a while, without the site … Continue reading

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