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Grilled Cheese Sandwich – its not hard, people

This is going to sound arrogant. Sorry, but I was somewhat surprised when I read the following article in the Grauniad – Ah, right, so yes the grilled cheese sandwich (or Croque Monsiuer, as the French have known about … Continue reading

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Mixed Miche 2k

This “little” beauty is a 2kg mixed miche – strong white, wholewheat and coarse rye flours all go into it, hence the ‘mixed’ bit, not sure where ‘miche’ comes from. Anyway, its 100% sourdough and I’m well pleased with it. … Continue reading

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Hamelman 66% Rye Sourdough

As they say on Blue Peter, “here’s one I made earlier…” In this case, one is actually two, and earlier was actually on the weekend, but the sentiment is still there 😉 Hats off to Hamelman, this is a lovely … Continue reading

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Sourdough Wheat Beer and Onion Bread

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… sorry, wrong movie. Anyway, I made a wheat beer and onion bread using baker’s yeast some time back and was pretty pleased with it. If I’m honest, it had its … Continue reading

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New York Deli Rye

Perfect for a savoury sandwich, such as the famous NY Deli Pastrami on Rye with gherkins.  Also works a treat if you’re keen on the famous French Croque-Monsieur as the flavour matches the cheese and meat wonderfully. Prepare in 2 … Continue reading

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Sourdough with rye starter

Not the most inventive of names for a loaf, I’ll grant you, however the taste and crumb make up for the name, trust me. This combines the good structural strength from using strong white flour, with the depth of flavour … Continue reading

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Quick NY Deli Rye

You gotta give this baby a go, peeps!  Quick New York Deli Rye bread, lovely and flavoursome with a tender crumb, perfect for savoury sarnies! You will need:1 very finely chopped red onionOlive oil, for frying onion1 1/2 tsp Active … Continue reading

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