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Effenberger Organic Spelt

I popped into the Vollkorn Baeckerei of Thomas Effenberger tonight, in Hamburg (as you do) to see what they had on offer, being a nosey sort I guess. And found some choice produce which I have to say seems pretty … Continue reading

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North Wales Bread-Weekender

The weekend just gone saw myself and herself meeting up with some old (and some new) friends and fellow breadheads, at a lovely B&B in the fair town of Caernarfon – actually I’ll gladly stand corrected if referring to it … Continue reading

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Mixed Miche 2k

This “little” beauty is a 2kg mixed miche – strong white, wholewheat and coarse rye flours all go into it, hence the ‘mixed’ bit, not sure where ‘miche’ comes from. Anyway, its 100% sourdough and I’m well pleased with it. … Continue reading

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Quark stollen a la Mick

Not having made a natural yeast stollen before, I approached Mick‘s recipe with a small degree of fear… somehow you just lose faith in natural yeast a bit, when there’s all sorts of fruit, butter and booze in the dough … Continue reading

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Franzosisches Landbrot

Interestingly, this is a French country loaf from the Hamburg bakery “Dat Backhus”.  I’m going to assume that the huge hole is deliberate, cos otherwise its exhibiting a shockingly poor state of affairs!  🙂 At least its a sourdough blend, … Continue reading

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Rye Starter Wholemeal and White Sourdough

Having not made this loaf for simply ages, I felt drawn to revisit the recipe and knock up something for us to munch through, if nothing else to see if the recipe still works alright and cos I felt like … Continue reading

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Keepin’ yer hand in

Of late, i.e. over Christmas, I’ve not been baking that much, for reasons mostly related to laziness I suppose  🙂 Reviving my starter this past week though, and producing a plain white sourdough and a beer and onion sourdough, has … Continue reading

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Baking with Uncle Rick

Last week, oh but a few days ago, I had the pleasure of spending something shy of  couple of days with Rick of Mairs Bakehouse.  It was something we arranged between us, as a way for me to get chance … Continue reading

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2kg Sourdough Pain de Campagne – aka “the beast”

Here’s one I made earlier: And here it is ‘chillin’ (marshmallow for scale): And the heart of the beast looks like this: I developed the dough on the one day, then left it for final prove overnight in its brotform … Continue reading

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Sourdough cheese and sweet onion foccacia

Been wanting to try a ‘stuffed’ foccacia for a while now. And seeing the lads at the Apent Bakeri in Oslo on episode 1 of The Hairy Bikers Bakeation the other week just reminded me again, so “here goes!” I … Continue reading

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