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80% hydration Miche!

Isn’t she a thing of beauty? A full 2kg miche, made from strong wholemeal, dark rye and strong white flour, nursed upwards using just my natural leaven. 80% hydration, for a more open crumb. 240C oven (for the first 20 … Continue reading

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Mixed Miche 2k

This “little” beauty is a 2kg mixed miche – strong white, wholewheat and coarse rye flours all go into it, hence the ‘mixed’ bit, not sure where ‘miche’ comes from. Anyway, its 100% sourdough and I’m well pleased with it. … Continue reading

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Maple syrup walnut wholemeal

A new twist on a favourite of mine, the honey wholemeal, for your perusal, dear friends. This is maple syrup and walnut wholemeal!  No honey, but amber maple syrup instead, and a healthy infusion of walnut bits with the flour … Continue reading

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65% Honey Wholemeal

This is a regular, an ‘old soldier’, a ‘piece of cake’… well it’s bread, not cake, but you know what I mean… 65% wholemeal flour, 35% strong white, so you get enough gluten available in the dough that you can … Continue reading

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100% Wholemeal with Honey

This is a 100% wholemeal flour loaf made with honey, which uses a delayed fermentation and pre-fermented dough technique, based on a recipe by Peter Reinhart.  I have made this once before, in a tin, so fancied trying it as … Continue reading

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