This section is currently a work in progress, please check back for changes.

Here is a list of equipment and tools that you may consider to be useful when baking.

  • Oven – I know, sounds kind of obvious, but my point is that you’re going to get different results based on what sort of oven and how it behaves.
  • Worktop surface – again, bit of a no-brainer I guess, but consider how much space you’ll need when working with larger doughs and when you want to roll out dough, e.g. for pizza, croissants, etc.
  • Weighing scales – I’d suggest you go for some electronic ones of the ‘platform’ design, that allow you to reset to zero at any point.  I use some of these, because they meet these requirements and can weigh heavier loads.
  • Measuring jugs – the big pyrex ones are great, however I’d also suggest one that can give you precise measurements of small volumes too.

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