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A section on technique probably should be further broken down into separate topics, with a fuller discussion of each topic, rather than trying to bundle everything into one long subject.

So let’s start with some headlines.

I won’t be talking about machine-mixed bread as I tend to work my dough by hand, rather than with the Kenwood I’ve got. ¬†Personal preference is one good reason for this, but also because it was Dan Lepard‘s book, The Handmade Loaf, that introduced me to the wonders of minimal dough working. ¬†I also find that it helps to know what’s going on with your dough if you’re physically handling it at regular intervals: you can just learn so much more than if you stick everything in a mixer and assume that the machine knows what’s going on and how you want the bread to end up.

I’ll use the Kenwood for some cakes and the K-beater attachment has its uses, but for much of what I’m baking, I use what God gave me.

1. Hand Kneading Technique

2. Surface Tension and Shaping

3. Proofing

4. Cultivating Natural Yeast

5. Sourdough Flavour

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